Academic Programme

The South African Institute for Heritage Science and Conservation is a registered institution of higher learning, offering a postgraduate degree programme in technical conservation studies. This programme accommodates enrolments into two possible format streams: Either a resident, one-year, full-time contact learning programme, or alternatively a two-year, blended learning format. The blended learning format is substantially accomplished via online, distance studies, supplemented by resident, contact learning block sessions.

This programme is formally accredited by the Council on Higher Education. SAQA qualification registration certificate here.

Post-graduate Programme

The postgraduate diploma programme, 'Technical Conservation Studies' is an accredited academic programme, approved by the Council on Higher Education's Quality Assurance Committee (HEQC). View SAQA registration.

'Technical Conservation Studies' is offered either as a one-year, full-time, contact learning programme OR a multi-year (minimum 2 years), blended learning programme, and constitutes a postgraduate diploma programme at NQF exit level 8. Offering rich preparation for both commercial enterprise and employment in conservation, the programme equally accommodates both the aspiring private practitioner and the candidate seeking employment in an institutional environment.

View Postgraduate Diploma Programme: One-year, resident format.

View Postgraduate Diploma Programme: Multi-year, blended learning format.

Faculty & Support staff

A full-time staff complement of 22 members serve the institution.

Faculty staff, lecturing the postgraduate programme, combine PhD and Masters qualifications with 72 years of full-time teaching and research experience – also encompassing a joint 39 years of research, curriculum development and tutelage at the Institute itself.

Lending further support, non-academic staff contribute to programme administration, informatics, library & archiving, accounting, procurements and more.

Also treasured, are the campus' hospitality and grounds staff, who maintain essential comforts within the facilities and on the grounds.

See staff profiles and overview here...

Internship Programme

The Institute is a recognized and popular internship destination for graduands or graduates from established, foreign conservation programmes.

Internships varying from 6 – 12 weeks in duration are typically considered, and an upper age limit of 28 years is in effect.

Suitable candidates may request the award of such an internship opportunity by completing this application form, which is directed to the Dean's Office.

Internships are not dependent on an exchange of funds but interns must, needless to say, bear the cost of their living expenditure.

The award of any internship opportunity pre-supposes on-campus residency.

Intern accommodation costs are substantially subsidized by the Institute.

Elisabeth FitzHugh Library Collection

The Institute is home to a comprehensive conservation textbook and reference library, which supports the study programme.

Today, the formerly privately held Elisabeth FitzHugh conservation volume collection forms the core of the library collection at the Institute, also lending its name to the research collection overall.

Students of the conservation training programme enjoy access to the collection's more than 3 000 books and scholarly articles.

On-line Chemistry Course

A 4-month, distance study course, “Bridging to Chemistry for Conservation”, is offered to assist candidates whom are transitioning from the Humanities - or others who may lack an adequate grounding in Chemistry. For such candidates, completion of this on-line course satisfies one of the entry prerequisites for enrolment in the postgraduate programme.

Unless oversubscribed, enrolment for “Bridging to Chemistry for Conservation” remains open perrenially, and the student may typically nominate a suitable starting date. Students are individually conducted by the course instructor, without need for synchronicity.

Course prospectus: (South African residents)

Course prospectus: (International students)

Enquire about enrolling ('Bridging to Chemistry for Conservation').